Thank you for visiting the original website of the Queens Civic Congress, which founders Sean M. Walsh, Esq. and Corey Bearak, Esq. maintain as a public service and resource. Sean and Corey and other civic activists created the Congress (Corey conceived its name) in 1997 through the merger of the United Civic Council of Queens and the Eastern Queens Civic Council. It grew to represent more than 100 civic and other community organizations throughout the borough of Queens during their respective Presidencies (through early 2010). (If you seek the current QCC site please visit

Corey and Sean developed and maintain this website as a resource for those who care deeply about our communities, our borough and our city.

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Organization includes the original Queens Civic Congress By-Laws, Committees and member civics.

Resources includes useful information and serves as a portal to other community groups and other relevant sites.

Platform features the ambitiousCIVIC 2030, previous platforms and legislative positions.

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